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Hotel Hanga Roa Eco Village

Hangaroa Eco Village & SPA has what is essential to man: simplicity, origins, the beauty of nature. We invite you to replenish your soul while respecting the surrounding nature and culture. Come and be an active part, and simultaneously a spectator, of a thousand-year old culture alive to this day.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is the culmination of the work by a group of people, aiming at developing an integral turistic project ecologically, culturally and humanly sustainable over time.

Every little detail--be it the architectural design, the warm and welcoming service or the activities available--is conceived to invite guests to be part of an adventure where seeing, admiring, caring and preserving are fused together.

The philosophy of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa
is based on the KAINGA concept that entails a profound respect for the motherland of RAPA NUI (magic island) that physically and spiritually nurtures the world connected to it. This respect moves us to care for its natural and cultural resources and thus help preserve and develop them for future generations of Rapa Nui.

We have included all types of technologies to minimize the impacts of our facilities on the island, to save water and energy, and to practice the recycling of waste and water. We will also generate our own electricity using a tri-generation microturbine. We will be practicing responsible tourism in the most ample sense of the word.

Conserving natural resources and the archeological and spiritual heritage of Easter Island is the foundation of the philosophy of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa. We have created a prime hotel with restaurants, a museum, spa, shops, movie theater, event rooms, pool and meeting places, all conceived in the form of an organic architecture that is modeled after the old ceremonial village of ORONGO, the Polynesian habitat. Like all islanders, we are very proud of our KAINGA.ont s/n Hanga Roa

Hotel Hanga Roa - Rates

Program Bed and Breakfast
Rooms 1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights
sgl dbl sgl dbl sgl dbl sgl dbl sgl dbl
Kainga 379 250 759 500 1.079 709 1.359 899 1.609 1.059
Ma unga Suite 436 288 873 575 1.241 815 1.563 1.034 1.850 1.218
HangaRoa Suite 474 313 949 625 1.349 886 1.699 1.124 2.011 1.324

Rates Includes:
- Arrival and departure transfers between Mataveri airport (IPC) and the hotel
- Accommodation
- Breakfast in the Poerava restaurant
- Cocktails at sunset
- Access to the swimming pool
-Ask about other room options and categories. 1-800-811-3077

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