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Easter Island Hotels
We offer special Discount Hotel rates in many hotels,apart hotels,hostales and Bed and Breakfast in Easter Island.
AlsoTailor made Tours-Programs with local Guides.
Wild,exotic,mystical and ancient
This is Eastern Island, which today Display its culture through regional flavors, breathtaking landscapes And colorful traditions.
An idyllic island, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is replete with volcanoes, turquoise water, and Archeological sites, all of which await visitors and offer a wide range Of activities.
Welcome to the world of moais, welcome to a one of a Kind place.
Rapa nui the Moai Culture
King Hotu Mutua from Polynesia discovered the island
1,500 years ago and settled a new Culture based around water.
To honor Their ancestors, the Rapa Nui culture Built stone sculptures called moai. Today, these sone monoliths represent a culture Shrouded in myth and legend. Easter island people Honor their traditions with dance, festivals, cuisine And their original language.
Magnetism Adventures on the Island

The Rapa Nui National Park occupies Nearly half the island and has been declared A World Heritage Site to protect large naturalSpaces and the invaluable cultural richness that lendMystery to the place.

Here you can walk around the Ranu Raraku volcano quarry and see how the moai Were sculpted; you can also visit the Orongo ceremonial Village at the Rano Kau volcano, with its massive crater and The most beautiful view of the island.

The island, considered the largest open-air museum in the world And boasting more than 400 moais, ruins and temples, offer a variety Of ways to travel; walking trails, vehicle, horseback riding and trekking Are all ways to discover the island’s history, natural treasures and Archelogical legacy in an enjoyable and adventurous way. Every route is full of the magic and mysticism of the island and The Rapa Nui Culture.

Fascination Outstanding Diving Energy,Big Waves.
The island is known for having the Most transparent waters in the World and an underwater relief of Incomparable beauty caves, arches,Cliffs, coral, plant life, sea turtles and A multitude of color fish.Several scuba services exist to takeYou deep below the surface, where you Will be moved by the beauty of this experience. Surfing is a traditional activity Of the Rapa Nui people, and the Currents and reefs along the
Shoreline create big waves Perfect for practicing this sport.Here visitors will find find all the
Necessary services to take part in The adventure.
Easter Island Culture Entetertainment Celebration
On Easter Island the dance sau sau Is one of the man attractions.With Traditional accessories and
Beautiful outfits, men and women show Visitors the sensuality of this special dance.

Restaurants and hotel stage a variety of showsWith songs and dances that demonstrate the Energy of Rapa Nui.
The Tapati Festival is a summer Celebration and a great carnival That involves every resident and
Visitor on the island. During theFestival tere are sports competitions,Lots of music and dancing, parades, And a beauty contest, among other
Entertaining activities. This is the best Time to enjoy Rapa Nui traditions, Handicrafts, and body painting.

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